Innovation and Technology for Smart Cities (ITSmart)


Scientific Responsible: Lucio Tommaso De Paolis

The objective of the IP “Innovation and Technology for Smart Cities (ITSmart)” is to bring together students and academics from across Europe in order to approach or improve knowledge of some advanced and innovative technologies with the aim to design and develop ICT services and applications necessary for building of smart cities.

This means to focus the lectures on smart living in terms of quality of life, housing quality and domotics, smart mobility in terms of innovative and safe transport systems, cloud computing technologies for smart government, cultural and education facilities, touristic attractivity, medical services and healthcare solutions, advanced information-based services.


The main thematic areas of the IP will be:

- smart government;
- smart mobility;
- smart health and medical technologies;
- smart culture and education;
- smart living and domotics;
- smart visualization.

The main technologies used during the lectures will be:

- computer graphics;
- image processing;
- virtual reality;
- augmented reality;
- 3D visualization;
- computer vision;
- human-computer interaction;
- virtual acoustics;
- cloud computing;
- data mining;
- sensor network;
- intelligent computer systems;
- natural language processing;
- information retrieval.

Participants admitted into the courses will be 60 (including 10 students of the coordinating institution) and teachers will be 17 (including 3 teachers of the coordinating institution).

The course will have duration of 10 days of lectures (70 hours, 7 hours a day).
The lectures will be in the morning and in the afternoon.

During the IP will be possible to visit some of research laboratories of the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento, the research laboratories of the DREAM (Laboratory of interdisciplinary research applied to medicine) and the Supercomputer of the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (where there is the supercomputer IBM Power6 with about 1.000 processors that supply a complex calculation power of 18 Tflops).

During the weekend will be organized the guided visit of the town of Lecce.