Machine Learning and Signal Processing

Advanced Methods in Machine Learning and Signal Processing


Scientific Responsible: Francesco Bandiera

The Intensive Programme (IP) “Advanced Methods in Machine Learning and Signal Processing” is funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning framework of ERASMUS. The consortium sums-up 3 participating universities, with the University of Salento being the coordinator. The programme aims to provide an opportunity to the participating students to explore some advanced issues in the context of signal processing. At the same time, it allows to establish and strengthen cooperation between participating institutions. Living, working, and studying together for three weeks will provide opportunities for students and teachers to constantly confront and exchange ideas and plans for the future. The addressed topics are those of advanced signal processing techniques for detection, estimation, and tracking, mainly in the contexts of radar systems and machine learning. With this programme we will provide students with an overview of advanced topics not over emphasizing the theoretical contents, but promoting practical implementations. To this end, the laboratory activities (carried out either in group or individually) will be a key part of their curriculum. It is expected that, at the end of the programme, the participating students will have gained both: new engineering skills and ability to solve practical related problems.